Steal This Book is, in a way, a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika. It . Julius Jennings Hoffman, Quentin, the inmates of TIER A-l Cook County Jail. Buy ROBA ESTE LIBRO by ABBIE HOFFMAN (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Find great deals for Roba Este LIBRO Abbie Hoffman Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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ROBA ESTE LIBRO : Abbie Hoffman :

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman. A driving force behind the social revolution of the s and s, Hoffman inspired a generation to challenge the status quo. Meant as a practical guide for the aspiring hippie, Steal This Book captures Hoffman’s puckish tone and became a cult classic with overcopies sold. Outrageously illustrated by R. Crumb, it nevertheless conveys a serious message to all wou A driving force behind the social revolution of the s and s, Hoffman inspired a generation to challenge the status quo.

Crumb, it nevertheless conveys a serious message to all would-be revolutionaries: You don’t have to take it anymore. Abbie was the best. Paperbackpages. Published February 25th by Da Capo Press first published United States of America.

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Roba Este LIBRO Abbie Hoffman Book

To ask other readers questions about Steal This Bookplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Sep 05, P rated it it was ok. What the fuck is Abbie Hoffman’s problem? This book reads like the left’s version of that smug nihilistic libertarian dick. If you’re going to lead a proletarian revolution led largely by comfortable, middle class white kids, maybe don’t run y What the fuck is Abbie Hoffman’s problem? If you’re going to lead a proletarian revolution led largely by comfortable, middle class white kids, maybe don’t run your burns on the people who might actually be won over to your cause whatever that is, it’s never explained.

A very shitty thing. To save money on payphone calls, take that gap year to backpack around Europe you always wanted, and bring home a bunch of Hungarian change! Being a cheap privileged shit isn’t the liibro as being poor. Every bite this book’s readership took was stolen from the mouth of a legitimate hungry person. Does the new society you’re working for involve Social Security, welfare, unemployment insurance, and Medicaid? If so, then maybe don’t give ammunition to the dicks on the right who want to shut them down because of “all the fraud” that goes on by lying your able bodied, 20 something, silver ese hippie selves into drawing their benefits.

Just cause saying “don’t hurt people” when you give instructions to people to arm themselves and blow up buildings covers your ass legalistically, It doesn’t make it in any way acceptable. Who the fuck do you think you are inciting gullible hippies to violence and tossing off instructions for molotov cocktails and pipebombs and referencing violence as though it’s everyday to you, when according to wikipedia you’ve never been involved in ANY violent action.


A wste glance at the Weathermen’s page which you treat like an omnipresent Zapatista-like resistance group and all I can find is six bombings hpffman three years. Fuck you you cowardly little shit for trying to incite hotheaded kids to do what you don’t have the stones to do yourself.

Now I know who’s the ideological robq of all those entitled gutterpunks stretching out a hand for spare change, which happens to be attached to an arm covered in a thousand dollar tattoo sleeve. Holding a job doesn’t make you complicit in Vietnam or segregation, fuckwit, it means that you don’t have to be a burden on the segment of society actually DOING something for the people you claim to represent. Thanks for ruining the left and tarring protest for two generations by highjacking the 60’s youth movement’s momentum for your doomed Yippie sideshow.

Once brained and thrown in the dirt by Pete Townsend, twice shy eh?

View all 3 comments. Mar 17, Jamie rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this book in it’s online format in high school. It amused the hell out of me as a history book, seeing how avbie it used to be to steal anything you needed.

It taught me to understand anarchy as a philosophy, rather than a symbol that punks saftey-pinned onto their jackets. I thought Abbie Hoffman was Robin Hood. But later lkbro life, I did some research on Abbie Hoffman. He’s basically a sociopath. He didn’t exactly come up with the material in the book on his own, so much as he joined up w I read this book in it’s online format in high school. He didn’t exactly come up with the material in the book on his own, so much as he joined up with the Digger movement in San Francisco and turned their means of feeding, clothing and housing people into a how-to manual for freeloaders.

By exposing all these gaping libeo holes in nearly every industry, the industries closed those holes and the Digger movement had to go legit and was less effective because of it. There are still hotfman wandering around gentrified Haight with nowhere to crash and nothing to eat because of this, though I believe they’ve assimilated with the ordinary homeless population.

Basically, Abbie Hoffman is a Dick. I recently discovered a copy of Steal This Book at a yard sale. When the seller learned that I was familiar with it, she let me have it for free instead of 25 cents she was going to charge. I’m giving this book 4 stars because it is historically and culturally significant and because it’s fascinating.

It lost a star because Abbie Hoffman is a Dick. Jan 21, Lubro Rainwater-Lites rated it it was amazing. I actually stole this book from a used bookstore in Hkffman, Texas.

I got a lot of good yet useless I tried ’em, they did not work ideas on anarchy and how to score free stuff. All in all, an enjoyable read. How can I complain? Didn’t cost a dime. Nov 23, Jeanette “Astute Crabbist” rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Steal the book, that is. I’d make a lousy anarchist. File this one in your mental “look-but-don’t-read” category. Abbie Hoffman wrote Steal This Book while incarcerated.


This fact noffman should have served as a warning to anyone planning to try the scams and swindles he encouraged. I read hoffkan first 95 pages in earnest, hotfman just skipped through the rest of the book to get a general feel for the ideas he was promoting.

Roba Este LIBRO Abbie Hoffman Book | eBay

Supporters called this book “an instruction manual for radical soc No, I didn’t. Supporters called this book “an instruction manual for radical social change. What Hoffman really wanted was for society to stay exactly as it was, so he and his reefer-head, freeloading friends could continue taking advantage of the system.

He was so harshly critical of America, but it was the industry and honesty of the general population that allowed his cheater techniques to work. He called the U. Lying, shoplifting, cheating, and exploding homemade bombs does not improve or change society.

There’s nothing constructive or productive about being a stoned out leech. Be a volunteer for a service organization.

Try giving instead of taking, creating instead of destroying.

The book has some value as a cultural marker, hence the two stars instead of just one. It’s an interesting reminder of the mood and “vibes” among the younger hoffmzn in For a few good laughs, flip through and hofmfan how much things have changed in 40 years.

I really miss that. What will be laughable 40 years from now? Aug 12, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: When I was a teenager, I went into the respectable little bookstore in my respectable little town and asked “Do you have a copy of Steal This Book?

Again, she peered down her nose and said, “We don’t sell anti-social, anti-establishment books.

Steal This Book

Naturally, I HAD to have the book at that point. I did eventually find a copy at a friend’s house but didn’t have to steal it because he gave it to me the 70’s had their moments. But I definitely would have stolen it from that snooty bitch if I could have! All that being said, this is now an almost charming history of what hippie “terrorism” looked like in the late 60’s.

A fun look into the past, if you consider molotov cocktails fun.

Of course, if you find this book in a book store, you MUST steal it, but make sure you remove the magnetic anti-theft strip before you reach the front door, and just in case, be sure to wear your Nikes! View all 5 comments. Mar 23, Jon Boorstin rated it really liked it Shelves: Perhaps the best title ever for a non-fiction book. This is a self-liberation manual. Full of practical advice.

How to use a penny for a nickel in a pay phone, for instance.