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Either way you will be expected to DPS unless you’re the designated pnline healer or stated otherwise for other reasons. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. I don’t think chanters needs their mantras do be buffed. Also work on getting a Pure Plume.

DPS chanter? – Chanter – Aion EN

Idk about full dps chanters in pve, but atm there is no so hard instances that ppl cant invite one more chanter as dps. Too many to name. Even iaon low budget Strike Resist set can reach 1.

What is a Chanter? Used to be a very lovely class back before 4. In the majority of cases you will be running a build that allows you to pick this up as the attack increase alone for physical classes, on top of the Invincibility Mantra buff, increases the power of all physical attackers immensely. Current endgame meta is chanters with support vision skill DPSing, huide helping out with healing when cleric is having problems, and even then it’s usually enough to pop the 75 High Daeva shield.


Recovers the HP cbanter a target within 23m radius by You’re already a semi-tank who becomes slightly stronger when people attack you, so there’s no reason for a group to focus you and no reason for you to sit in a defensive set.

A couple of years of being a masochist was enough for me, I didn’t play chanter in 4. For the record I’ve found that I really can’t afford to stay in heal boost for very long. I have a question for all experienced chanters: Remember that if a Chanter dies, the effect is immediately felt as all Mantras disappear and Inspiration will no hcanter be going out. With onlind 1 cleric in group it’s much better and effective to stay on full support as chanter ofc can help with dps when group’s HP is fine or if pressure vs your group is indeed high- only to use 4s stun, hallowed strike and bind of skills each cd on enemies to reduce their dps – that all means hybrid style.

Pretty simple for chanters, to be honest. Obviously not as good as Instigation, but as least your group is still getting something. Register a new account. In some cases, this can result in physical DPS in your group going down by a third or more. If they are not strike resist, then it’s completely overkill as people have enough crit strike from gear to be crit capped.


I liked SWs more back when they were mana batteries and just another Sorc. A good goal order for PVP gearing is: Sita – Jan 6th8: This is such a Rinku thing to say.

Your browser has JavaScript disabled. I personally think that defensive sets should be at the very bottom of the priority list.

Is it worth it? Mantras are one of the main reason Chanters are a thing.

DPS chanter?

An example of this cheap gear: You can hit those numbers and then start to fiddle with stats. This lasts until the curtain blocks damage on the person. My name is Yec from Siel Elyos. Are you referring to how it switches to the entire group instead of just myself? Chanter Macros Guds – Feb 6th2: Inflicts – physical damage on a target. I’ve been waffling back and forth on “purchasing” this, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the 25CP sacrifice.