El Decreto de fecha 23 de abril de , publicado en Gaceta Oficial Nº el Impuesto sobre la Renta es a través de las retenciones en la fuente, es decir. Decreto Persona Natural Residente. Ejemplo: A una persona natural residente le pagan Bs. por concepto de Honorarios. RETENCIONES BASE LEGAL ley del impuesto sobre la renta Art. 87 sistema de retenciones. AGENTE DE RETENCION VENEZUELA Autores;.

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Modify account analytic view to show important data for project manager of services companies. Add menu to show relevant information for each manager. Allows to automatically select analytic accounts based on criterions: The Module allows to configure analytic account for product packages. 8108 for total and monthly product packages weight, Amount analysis.

This module retneciones to use several analytic plans, according to the general journal, so that multiple analytic lines are created when the invoice or the entries are confirmed. For example, you can define the following analytic structure: Projects Project 1 SubProj 1.

An invoice line must be able to write analytic entries in the 2 plans: The amount can also be split. The following example is for an invoice that touches the two subproject and assigned to one salesman: Progress bar for analytic accounts.

This is the module used for displaying the shared funded development projects on the Tiny ERP website. Financial and accounting asset management. Account Balance Module is an added functionality to the Financial Management module.

This module gives you the various options for printing balance sheet. You can compare the balance sheet decrfto different years. You can set the cash retenciiones percentage comparison between two years.

You can set the referential account for the percentage comparison for particular years. You can select periods as an actual date or periods as creation date. You have an option to print the desired report in Landscape format. This module allows accountants to manage analytic and crossovered budgets. Each list of record can also be switched to a graphical view of it.

Three reports are available: The first is available from a list of Budgets. The second is a summary of the previous one, it only gives the spreading, for the selected Budgets, of the Analytic Accounts. The last one is available from the Analytic Chart of Accounts.

DECRETO by Jorgelys Barreto Rodriguez on Prezi Next

This module adds cash discounts on payment terms. Cash discounts for a payment term can be configured with: Module provides functionality to import bank statements from.

Import coda file wizard is used to import bank statements. If this field is not checked, the system control that the date is in the period when you create an account entry.

Otherwise, it generates an error message: Modules to automate letters for unpaid invoices, with multi-level recalls. You can define your multiple levels of recall through the menu: You can define different policies for different companies. This module provides some features to improve the layout of the invoices.


This feature can be very useful for printing your invoices with end-of-year wishes, special punctual conditions Module to change defination of the name field of invoice using this module you can change the invoice number when it is in draft state. Adds Domiciled and Domiciled send date fields on invoice. Domiciliation and Domiciliation Number fields on partner. The payment type has a translated name and note that can be shown in the invoices.

decreto 1808 islr pdf to excel

The default partner bank accounts are selected in invoices and payments. Due date, bank account and a check field for example to write down if a bank check in paper support has been received.

Payable payment orders decrsto supplier invoices and receivable payment orders from client invoices.

So we can make payment orders to receive the payments of our client invoices. Each payment order type has its own sequence.

So we can have payment orders for supplier invoices pay money and refund supplier invoices return or receive money. Or for client invoices decretl money and refund client invoices return or pay money. Selected invoices are filtered by payment type, the second message communication can be set at the same time for several invoices.

This module creates a new object in accounting, very similar to the account models named account. Within this object you can define regularization moves, This is, accounting moves that will automatically calculate the balance of a set of accounts, Set it to 0 and transfer the difference to a new account. This is used, for example with tax declarations or in some countries to create the ‘Profit and Loss’ regularization. This module adds a wizard to help reversing moves.

Financial and accounting module that covers: Allow the user to work tax included prices. Especially useful for b2c businesses. This module implement the modification on the invoice form.

This module allows you to define what is the default invoicing rate for a specific journal on a given account. This is mostly used when a user encode his timesheet: Obviously if no data has been recorded for the current account, the default value is given as usual by the account data so that this module is perfectly compatible with older configurations. This module adds ddecreto possibility to assign multiple partners on the same analytic account.

It’s usefull when you do a management by affairs, where you can attach all suppliers and customers decgeto a project. A report for the project manager is reetnciones to retencoines the analytic account and all associated partners with their contacts. It’s usefull retencoones give to all members of a project, so that they get the contacts of all suppliers in this project. This module allows you to define what is the default function of a specific user on a given account.


Obviously if no data has been recorded for the current account, the default value is given as usual by the employee data so fetenciones this module is perfectly compatible with older configurations. Manages a list of asterisk servers and IP phones.

This module implements a system to popup the partner form based on phone calls.

Rretenciones is still a proof of concept, that have been made during Tiny ERP’s technical training session. This module provides functionality to manage artists, articles, sellers, buyers and auction. Manage bids, track of sold, paid and unpaid objects. Allows the administrator retnciones track every user operations on all objects of the system. Subscribe Rules for read, write, create and delete on objects and check logs. Use Email client module to send to customers or suppliers the selected invoices attached by Email.

This module helps to keep homogenous address data in our database. This module allows you to manage entirely your contacts. It means that some fields of the addresses will be missing like the contact namesince these are supposed to be defined in an other object. This module allows you to load all existing languages in the ddcreto. You can install this module only if you still not installed any other languages, otherwise you may have a conflict with languages codes that must be unique.

This module can be used by developers to automatically publish decretl modules in a few click to the following websites: This module’s aim is to check the quality of other modules.

It defines a wizard on the list of modules in OpenERP, which allow you to evaluate them on different criteria such as: This module also provides generic framework to define your own quality test.

This module can not work as a ZIP file, you must unzip it before using it, otherwise it may crash. This module allows you to create a new module without any development. It records all operations on objects during the recording session and produce a.

Rstenciones you can create your own module directly from the Open ERP client. This version works for creating and updating existing records.

It recomputes dependencies and links for all types of widgets many2one, many2many, How to use it: Start the recording 2. Do stuff in your Open ERP client 3.

Asesoramiento Tributario Tema 3 Retenciones by Miguel .. on Prezi

Stop the recording session 4. Export to a reusable module. Add a tab in the partner form to encode relations between several partners. For eg, the partner ‘Toubib and Co. When ‘Toubib and Co. Adds a restricted field to partner categories.