There are many incidents of infectious diseases in Indonesia caused by Escherichia coli which is resistant to amoxycillin and amoxycillin-clavulanate. Banyak metode yang digunakan untuk isolasi plasmid, seperti: lisis alkali, lisis dengan pemanasan, penggunaan sesium klorida, dan kromatografi. Kelemahan . Storage. TIANprep Mini Plasmid Kit can be stored dry at room temperature. ( 25°C) for up to 12 months without showing any reduction in performance and.

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Plasmids are extra chromosomal molecules of DNA that replicate autonomously and found in prokaryote and eukaryote cells.

There are a number of methods that are used to isolate plasmids, such as alkaline lysisboiling lysis, using cesium chloride, and chromatography. Amongst the disadvantages in plasmid isolation methods are lengthy time especially when handling a large number of samples, high cost, and low purity.

Alkaline lysis is the most popular for plasmid isolation because of its simplicity, relatively low cost, and reproducibility. Isolai method can be accomplished in 50 minutes to one hour.


In this research, the alkaline lysis method was developed to obtain suitable plasmid for applications in a molecular biology laboratory. The aim of this research was to reduce contaminants and improve yield of plasmid.

Plasmid merupakan molekul DNA ekstrakromosomal yang bereplikasi secara mandiri dan ditemukan dalam sel prokariot dan eukariot. Banyak metode yang digunakan untuk isolasi plasmid, seperti: Kelemahan beberapa metode isolasi DNA adalah waktu isolasi yang lama terutama saat isolasi plasmid dalam jumlah banyak, mahal dan kemurniannya yang rendah.

Metode lisis alkali merupakan metode yang sangat umum untuk isolasi plasmid karena mudah dilakukan, relatif murah, dan reprodusibilitas. Metode ini dapat dilakukan dalam 50 menit sampai 1 jam.

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Pada penelitian ini dikembangkan metode lisis alkali untuk memperoleh plasmid yang sesuai untuk penggunaan di laboratorium biologi molekuler. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengurangi jumlah kontaminan dan meningkatkan konsentrasi plasmid.

Nucleic Acids Res 7: Nucleic Acids Res Int J Appl Biol Technol 1: Afr J Biotechnol 2: Methods in Molecular Biology: Recom-binant Gene Expression Reviews isolawi Protocols, vol Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. J Biomed Sci Eng 5: Indi J Exp Biol User Username Password Remember me. Keywords 7-ACA BAP Metroxylon sagu Rhizopus oryzae black orchid callus cephalosporin decolorization fermentation floatability floating feed genome sequence in vitro shoot mutation nitrogen sinking feed sucrose textile effluent var.


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Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Abstract Plasmids are extra chromosomal molecules of DNA that replicate autonomously and found in prokaryote and eukaryote cells.