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Nella loro disperazione spesso inconsciamente scelgono la morte piuttosto che la resistenza. Dica de Leitura 3.

These are my specialty and i love watching them appear in my life. Have you got any in your collection? It manifests the highest aspect of the mind – the mind that is attuned to the One Mind of Source. Flourite is for the advancement of mind, for developing the ability to comprehend and integrate the nonphysical realities of the fourth, fifth and sxnacion dimensions”. Flourite stimulates the third eye and allows our intuitive abilities to flourish and guide us through the wilderness of figuring out what we are here to do.

Happy Sunday everybody, Alejaandra hope everyone is having a relaxing day! During a Crystal Healing session the therapist guide the client through the healing journey, supported by the Solid Light of the Crystals. Honrandome puedo sostenerme y hacerme cargo de mi. Datura Brugamansia, the pink one.

We use the flowers to work with our dreams, to be aware in the process of dreaming; the other life. The leaves are very helpful to relive rheumatic pains in the joints. Agate, such a powerful stone! Activated by the energy of the Sun this very earthy stone grounds and protects. Set in a simple silver wire work in the centre of a Rudraksha handmade chain.

Rudraksha, the tears of God Shiva. Crristales are always beautiful in the sunlight. This wonderful friend has been with me for many years. It has also started displaying a small Rainbow. Crystals are loyal friends who are always here to help whenever we need comfort and nurturing.

They are spiritual teachers who come whenever needed. Channeling crystals are a fantastic tool to help us establish a connection with our I AM presence and bring forth whatever information is needed at the right time. Phantom Quartz crystals teach us that spiritual growth swnacion a process where pausing is sometimes required to integrate the learning before moving on and up to the next phase.

Grateful for the presence and teachings from this wonderful crystalline friend! Creates a protective field, keeps you and your environment safe. Blocks harmful energies of any kind. I am honored to create such a special piece that will be worn with intention during ceremony and healing sessions. Working with the Stellar Beam can assist one in continuously manifesting the Light force in physical life.

Sounds like the true creation of heaven on earth to me, and these crystals will generate the courage and strength necessary for this process by assisting in the release of false securities and old patterning. The Stellar Beams are one of the most powerful tools to assist in moving beyond the limited preconceptions of the mind and into the infinite possibilities of Spirit. Crystals and stones are very much a part of the planetary transformation of which we are all a part.

Received these two beauties today! Waiting on my other 2 tomorrow! Preparing for Tucson Mineral show!!! I read Katrina Raphaell’s books, and in “The Crystalline Transmission” fromshe talked about the twelve chakra system, and when I read it I immediately felt these teachings to be very profound and accurate. There are three upper transpersonal chakras, which purposes are to enable our direct links to the Divine.


Descubre tu Bienestar Interior

This alejandrx where we basically blend with Heaven, our place of At-One-Ment. It constitutes alwjandra bridge filled with light between zlejandra impersonal divine essence, and the personal reality, salxtino being chakra number eleven it is aligned with this master number of new beginnings on a higher octave.

This is the place for silent peace,an oasis of blue energy, a clear and calm mind. This chakra establishes the necessary polarity to the higher chakras, and connects us to creation itself.

When we align ourselves to the Divine, we become vessels of the Holy and help spiritualize our earth as we walk it. They are one of my favourite forms of quartz. Calcite, in the rhomboid form displays six parallel planes, all connected szlatino by one another. Each of the six four-sided parallelograms exist in their own unique plane of reality, yet each is intricately attached to four of the other parallel sides by sharing one of the angles in common.

Calcite demonstrates a rare statement of order as the harmonious integration of identical geometric structures unite in one crystal. The most common use calcite serves in linking parallel realities is that of creating a conscious bridge of spiritual understanding into circumstances or situations that are challenging here on the earth plane.

Calcite greatly assists in gaining insight into why certain circumstances in life have been attracted and what the spiritual significance and soul level lessons are.

#katrinaraphaell medias

In cases where you cannot see your way out of a cycle or pattern, or when you become so immersed in the physical plane reality that your consciousness fails to see divine meaning, use calcite crystals. They will help integrate the spiritual reality into whatever situation is at hand. The physical plane is a manifestation of the more subtle realms. The health of our body is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

The planetary wellness is the result of our collective thinking. As we gain conscious control over our thoughts and align the mind and body with the light at the source of our beings, we will have the ability to fulfill our greatest potential. The spirit will flow through each individual and manifest its creative intelligence in a myriad of unique and fascinating forms. In my years of direct experience and study of the Egyptian and Peruvian remnants of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, it has become evident that the advanced beings who first inhabited this planet embodied a very different physical structure than what we now observe in humankind.

When these evolved elders of our race entered into human incarnation they brought with them the ability to maintain a constant attunement to the energy forces of light radiating from the luminous core of mother milky way.

In those times the spiritual laws manifested upon the earth plane and those beings lived in harmony with both the earth and the heavens. The heads were developed in such a way that two other alejabdra centers were encompassed within their brain structures, thus incorporating into physicality the embodiment of higher consciousness.

Today representations of these advanced skulls can be seen in the Cairo museum as well as in Peruvian and Mayan relics. Especially for the times we are living in right now. The established systems in the world salatinno competition and everyone, consciously or subconsciously, tries to prove themselves better than others. The bottom alejadnra is that we have become separate from our source so of course that state of being will manifest itself in all of our relationships, from the most personal to the international political.


Another expression cristzles source-separateness can be witness in the endless search to find security outside of ourselves i. This emptiness exists only because we have become estranged from our source.

CIANITA – Definition and synonyms of cianita in the Spanish dictionary

We have to be willing to look straight into the mirror of the soul to find the only place where true personal safety and stability abides. This can he a terrifying journey to undertake. It means that all of the old ways that we have temporarily secured. This course will be held on the east side of Kauai in Kapaa town. I spend a lot of time in bed.

Alejandra Salatino (Author of La Sabiduria de Los Cristales)

So, I really try and make the most of it. Crystals, Essential Oils, Journals and Books are a must. The oils have been getting me through this crazy time.

Fire Bird with Oud, so far is My Fav. The Grounding Stones are pure heaven. I was given this amazing gift from a SiStar that goes to Ireland every year.

HandCrafted Hill of Tara, Athame, made from the local bog. Been using it for cutting energetic cords. Tremendous reference guide on Master Crystals. Seja qual d a forma que assumam, a estrutura cristalina dessas pedras absorve, guarda, concentra e emite energia.

Otros sentimos los elementales de aire y fuego trabajando a mucha velocidad elevando las frecuencias. Cuando el momento llega, en verdad cualquier cuarzo puede cumplir este cometido: Es un cristal de muy alta frecuencia.

That feeling you get when the universe gifts you aka just found this book in mint condition, stoked! Ecco i miei acquisti al salonedellibro!!! Thrifting around, look who found me! I’ve read her other book “The Crystalline Transmission” and this is a lz unique author you dont just find anywhere.

Todas elas representam estados meditativos da mente. O azul revela paz interior, calma mental e serenidade. I am about half way through ocn I must say that it is really good. I love this book!!!! According to many popular crystal properties books, this type of Sugilite with dark manganese terapiw are best for negative energy protection and relief of headaches, joint pain and inflammation.

Other large tumbled pieces of Sugilite are selling for double online, enjoy both of these for the price terapis one. I am willing to separate this listing and sell one of the stones if you prefer, please message me if so desired.

Find these beauties here: Newest editions to my book collection. I love going to salaino. Lovely grid by my loving coworker Sarah. Took a long time to find a place to get these.